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Experience your sound like never before!

The VE6 convinces with outstanding qualities regarding resolution, naturalness, spacious imaging and responsiveness.
Words can tell a lot, but THAT, you must have heard...

  • extremely open stereo-image and stunningly deep spatial presentation

  • outstanding clarity and naturalness of all detail

  • clear bass reproduction – even at low levels

Available in 2 different sound-signatures ("VE6 X1" und "VE6 X2")


  • powerful balancing

  • tastefully boost in lows and high-mids

  • fantastic response and punch, without heavy overemphasis


  • neutral – in the word's best sense.

  • phenomenal detail over the whole frequency range

  • the reference

Optional switch function ("VE6 X-Control")

Price: 1.550,- €

You already own a VE custom In-Ear? Buy another one and apply for the VE family deal!

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Technical data


Four-way-system with 6 drivers


2 x Bass – 2 x Mid – 1 x High-Mid – 1 x High


122 dB SPL at 1 mW


20 Ohm (bei 1 kHz)

High Class Customs

All of our In-Ears are produced under the same, highest quality standards. No matter if VE2 or VE6.

Fitting guarantee
If your In-Ear does not fit in the first place, we will rework fast – free of charge, of course.

Exchangable cable with useful + comfortable earloop.

Name labelling
inconspicuous with colored name-label on the inside of the In-Ear

All In-Ears are made of solid acrylic and are thoroughly lacquered by hand with biocompatible lacquer.


We are offering a lot of accessories for our VE Custom In-Ears.



Cleaning equipment



and more...

Artwork / Faceplates


Choose a faceplate from your favorite material. E.g. wood, mirror, carbon...

We are only using real materials.


Logo, name or a beloved picture: we can bring (almost) everything onto your faceplate


Monochrome logo or writing without background

selectable color

Ambience System

Meant for the use on stage

The ambience system opens the In-Ear a bit to the outside and diminishes the feeling of isolation.


Extra sound-canal connects ear-canal and outer world.
3 differently strong dampers define the strength of the opening.


Does not substitute ambience microphones!

The opening of the system has an influence on the sound of the earphone.

NOT available with VE6 XControl,mirror- or nugget faceplates !!!

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Vision Ears has a fantastic, fast Service, perfect fit and on top of that, they are all extremely nice and friendly.
My VE3 has done a great job for many years now. They accompanied myself through many tours and rough use on the road.
The new VE5 – for me – is the perfect symbiosis of work and pleasure!


Sascha Kohl (Xavier Naidoo, Rea Garvey, Gregor Meyle, Sing meinen Song)
Sascha Kohl


Playing up to 10 shows a day, our In-Ears have to put up with a real load. And our VE In-Ears are managing that perfectly.

We are using VE5 and VE6 in the band and are absolute fans. Not only of the fantastic sound-universe, also of comfort and robustness. And the team of Vision Ears is always there in cases of emergency with fast and competent individual advice and service.
Thanks for that!




They sound like a bomb

Best In-Ears I ever had!




This year we switched our whole live-production completely to In-Ear monitoring for the first time. This was new for most of us.
We are surprised how comfortable the switch was and everybody is extremely happy. Especially the spacial differentiation and precision of the VE5 is phenomenal. I only new such thing from open headphone-systems before. Really impressive!


Get Well Soon
Get Well Soon


My Vision Ears earphones sound gorgeous and lifted my joy in making music on a new level. Live, I can hear every detail in best sound quality – it's a dream!

On top of that they have a great service. Whenever there was something going on, Amin, Marcel and Co handled it professionally and fast – not to mention that they are cool guys! I can fully recommend Vision Ears to everyone.


Axel Steinbiss (Motrip (Musical Director, Keyboards), Curse, RTL Allstars, Anastacia, Jose Feliciano, Nelly Furtado || Photo: Andrea Simoner)
Axel Steinbiss


Vision Ears offer me a completely new feeling on stage.
No matter how huge a hall, the open-air or the Club is – the sound is always equally brilliant.




VE6 x2 simply is THE in-ear that I was looking for and finally found!
The quality, the sound and the perfect fit make them the perfect in-ears for me! Not to speak of the great service and super nice contact with the VE team.

Thank you!


Can Firat (Drummer, u.A. bei Mike Singer)
Can Firat


The stereo image and the offset in depth of the VE5 directly convinced me. The transperency really is fantastic.
On top, there is the unbeatable fast service. Mega!


Dirk Schulz (FOH: Mando Diao, Michael Patrick Kelly u.A. / Foto by Matt Finke)
Dirk Schulz


Die V5 sind ein Genuss, zum Tragen und zum Hören. Ein etwas breiteres Stereobild, als man es von vergleichbaren Modellen gewohnt ist, sorgt für einen aufgeräumten Mix, ohne jedoch drucklos oder zu offen zu sein. Für mich als Keyboarder sehr angenehm, da ich gerne alle Instrumente hören will, um mich dazwischen zu legen. Auch für Arbeiten unterwegs an Projekten sind sie wunderbar geeignet.


Jan Miserre (Sarah Connor)
Jan Miserre


Great team, great support and great products – I am perfectly satisfied!


Pat Fa (Rea Garvey, Stefanie Heinzman u.A. | Photo: Nalan Music | Art Photography)
Pat Fa


We basically need the same level as our fullstack-wall in our backs with the definition of a fine pen.
VISION EARS combines exactly that with the VE3 and VE4 in our ears perfectly.


FJØRT (Photo: Ilkay Karakurt)


In 2016, we dared the step to in-ear monitoring and asked ourselves: "why not earlier?"
The in-ears sound great and support as well as consultation are top! Especially for the brass section a huge plus!
It has 2 major advantages for us not to be dependent on wedges anymore:
1.) We can move freely and come closer to the marching band thought on stage.
2.) Our ears are not ringing anymore after the show.


Moop Mama (Photo: Maxi Baier)
Moop Mama


We have a long-term, close collaboration and have been on the road with Vision Ears (VE2,VE3,VE4,VE6x2) exclusively since 2011.

Sound and build quality convinced us from the beginning and in all the years touring around the globe not a single one of the In-Ears left us high and dry at any time.

Special thanks to Marcel Schoenen and his team for the fantastic support! Thank you!


Parov Stelar Band (Photo:
Parov Stelar Band


Maybe the In-Ear with the highest resolution on the market. They already convinced us from the start while testing.
With our VE6 we are hearing details that never stood out before. And the sound picture is even broader, more fat but also clearer as with common earphones.
On top of that they have a perfect fit and the service in Cologne is always super fast!


Giant Rooks
Giant Rooks


Excellent support with short ways from Cologne and absolutely reliable products!

I am feeling cared for at the best by VE for years now!


Kai Reiss (Scooter, Eurovision Song Contest u.v.A.)
Kai Reiss


The VE6 with bass extension sound very organized and fat without being too analytic or muddy. The fit is perfect so that the low end never gets lost.
Beyond that, the support by the VE team is absolutely top notch!


Ali Busse (Jan Delay & Disko No. 1, Helene Fischer u.v.A.)
Ali Busse


Unbelievably fast and reliable service, even if it needs to be fast on tour! With the VE8 I now have my third pair of Vision Ears nonstop on tour with me.
Working with my Vision Ears is just fun as the super transparent sound and the are just top notch reliability of the earphones as well as of the guys at VE are just phenomenal.


Dominik "Bollo" Sabolovic (FOH: Eskimo Callboy, Any Given Day, To The Rats And Wolves, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Flash Forward u.a)
Dominik "Bollo" Sabolovic


Super happy with my VE6 X2!
For me a great reference IEM. Perfect fit, great sound and look! On top of that there is the friendly personal contact and top service – especially if it is urgent. I feel very good cared for, thanks!

All you need is LoVE!


Flo Herkert (Monitor: Welshly Arms, FOH: Aryana Sayeed, Barry l‘Affair)
Flo Herkert


Before the VE6 I wanted to use NO In-Ears at all...

Now I understand what it is all about. Now I can hear my own sound...


Daniel "El Congo" Allen (Aloe Blacc, Samy Deluxe, Tony Allen, Gentleman, Patrice)
Daniel "El Congo" Allen


Brilliant and snotty nice sound.

Ever since I am using Vision Ears, my band sounds better than ever.




It is priceless to have a great sound on stage. I love my VE6 earphones. They give me a complete image of my whole band. I hear every detail without sounding too clean.

It is proper power on my ears.

Merci ❤️


Stefanie Heinzmann
Stefanie Heinzmann


Since I am using Vision Ears VE6X1 I do not feel isolated any more but totally IN the sound of the band.
Total transparency and a proper boost without fatiguing the ears.

Thanks VE!!!!

Seit ich die V6X1 von Vision Ears benutze fühl mich nicht länger „abgeschottet“, sondern total IM Sound der Band.
Totale Transparenz und ordentlich Schub, ohne dass die Ohren müde werden.

Danke VE!!!!


Chris Vega (Sasha, Session Gitarrist (u.a. Sarah Connor, Kim Wilde, Gloria Gaynour, Heino, ...) - Copyright: Steff Apperdannier)
Chris Vega


I am really happy that I lifted my in-ear situation to the absolute top level.
The VISION EARS earphones instantly convinced me and after comparing the different models I went for the VE6 X1 with a boost in the lows and high mids.

Taking impressions, fit & seal, communication, sound and value of the product... All of it is great pleasure! >br> Thanks to the whole team of VISION EARS in Cologne


Stephan Emig (Luke - Die Greatnightshow, The Voice of Germany in Concert, Klaus Lage, etc.)
Stephan Emig


The Owl's stare needs a clear Vision.

The BEST In Ears I have ever used for Live Performance!


Juan Garcia-Herreros | Snow Owl (Hans Zimmer, Snow Owl, Solo Artist)
Juan Garcia-Herreros | Snow Owl


I am very satisfied with my VE5 earphones. A transparent and powerful sound that I did not know before in that way. And the earphones are looking fantastic, too.

On top of that, there is the excellent service provided by the unbelievably friendly team. There is nothing more to come.
Thank you, Vision Ears!


Feuerengel (Daniel Behrmann - Foto: Annika Thomas)