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We are VISION EARS, a small and owner driven company in the heart of Cologne/ Germany. Here in the nicest city along the river Rhine we are developing and producing our custom made In-Ears with great passion.
On this page we want to give you the opportunity to learn more about us and our craftsmanship. Of course, you are also invited to visit us in our showroom/lab in Cologne to listen to our In-Ears, talk to us and get a glimpse on the current production. All of that companied by a cup of coffee or tasty „Kölsch“.

The story

Marcel Schoenen has been on the roads of Germany and many other countries as a guitarist for some time. From 1997 to 2007 he was the singer and guitarist of the folk-metal band SUIDAKRA and gathered some experience on a lot of stages that time. Through this he knows a lot about the tonal circumstances on stage and what is important for a great monitor-sound. In 2000 he began his In-Ear career with a company that was leading at that time in Germany. Marcel was employed there for six years as a clerk and technician.

Amin Karimpour has always been enthusiastic about unique product design and products in general that stand out from the crowd by exceptional love for detail. With a good deal of play instinct he is starting off and easily combining style and perfection. His love for custom made In-Ears started in 2005 when he started working for the same company in which Marcel already was.

Both of them are linked by their vision of highest quality and outstanding customer service. One acts more with the brain the other one more with his heart – a perfect symbiosis! After a few years separation the two In-Ear junkies found back together. And really soon it was time to combine their power and to realize their vision of perfection and sound:

VISION EARS was born!

With a small bag of money and a way bigger bag of „cojones“ the two friends realized their dream in the center of Cologne: Since 2013, the headquarters of Vision Ears is located in the Luxemburgerstrasse in Cologne’s central south. Sometimes this baby grew faster as they ever thought of. Not only in these times they were always following the „Kölsch constitution“:

„Et hätt noch emmer joot jejange“ (“Everything will be fine in the end…“)

This optimism and the lucky situation to be able to form a team that is as passionate for In-Ears as the founders are makes VE a solid and reliable partner for all musicians and audiophiles around the world. Many well known musicians and bands have decided to go with Vision Ears since then.

VE is...

  • to the last detail

    • ...what makes the difference
    • ...passion for sound and music

    • ...elegance and perfection

    • ...quality: Made in Germany

    • ...experienced – on, besides, behind and infront of stage

    • ...innovative

    • ...uncomplicated

    • ...reachable -> contact

    • ...the shit!

VE offers...

  • ...reliable service (in every emergency)

  • ...quality that sets standards

  • ...great variety of design options

  • ...a fitting guarantee

  • ...a network of resellers with testing possibility

  • ...detailed consultation with experts -> resellers

  • ...tasty Kölsch

  • ...a familial atmosphere



service/support, artist relation, service on the ground, order processing


production and elaboration of the customized shells


production and elaboration of the customized shells, 3D-modelling


production and elaboration of the customized shells, working on impressions, moral anchor


preparation and assembly of the technical parts, acoustical measurement, technical assistant


Shell processing, final coating of the in-ears, optical quality control


Development, sound magician


Laboratory work, laser engraving, final QC and packaging