Vision Ears

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Floor Cable Shell left Shell right Baseplate left Baseplate right Vision Ears
VE Configurator v0.0


The configurator can only be used via a desktop browser at the moment. Stay tuned …

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The colors and textures that are presented here are for the cause of orientationand can vary a bit from the finished product.
As Vision Ears is using real wood for the woodplates, the grain of each woodplate is one of a kind. The presentation within the configurator is only supposed to show the general characteristics of the materials and does not show the exact end product.



For a better preview in the configurator we recommend files in the formats png, gif, tiff or similar which have a transparent background. Formats or pictures with white background can be uploaded, but will be shown in the preview with a white background. Of course, this white background will be removed for the final product.
Optimal resolution: 100dpi at a picture size of 10cm x 10 cm
file size: minimum 500kB and maximum 10MB

The positioning of your artwork is meant as orientation for the layout on the faceplate of your actual In-Ear. Because your ear will have a different shape than the sample-ear in our configurator, differences in the positioning of the artwork are possible.
Please be assured: we are taking a lot of effort in positioning your artwork/logo as close to your layout as possible.